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Rules and Conditions of Network

All members of Banner Exchange Network are required to agree to the following terms and conditions. Anyone found in deliberate violation of these terms and conditions is subject to being banned from Network. By joining Network, you implicitly agree to the following:

  • Only sites related to industry of dating are allowed. Those sites are limited to love, romance, marriage, matchmaking, personals, dating sites and sites for singles and about singles.

  • NO "Adult" sites are allowed on the network. This includes, but is not limited to sites containing nudity and/or sexual content.

  • Only ONE account per site and ONE banner per page.

  • Banner must be 468 x 60 pixels and a maximum of 20K in size.

  • All members who join the Program receive a 5:4 ratio - it means that You receive 4 expression of your banner on other member's sites for every 5 expressions on your website.

  • You MAY NOT change the supplied HTML code in ANY way. The HTML code for your banner must appear in your page EXACTLY as it will be given to you.

  • No cheating - this includes but not limited to: hidden banners, autoreloading pages, banner shows on pages of the site not approved by Datingwebmasters Network administrators.

  • Network accepts no responsibility for the content of member sites, and no liability of any kind for damages of any sort arising from membership of the banner exchange scheme.

  • The Network administrators reserve the right to modify, or change these Terms and Conditions.


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